Phalcon-NT-Ex Stainless Steel Racon

Phalcon-NT-Ex Stainless Steel Racon

New Technology Solid State Radar Beacon (RACON). Ideal for: offshore structures, FPSOs, CALM and SPM buoys. The new Solid State Phalcon-NT RACON fully works seamlessly with  traditional and solid state radar solutions (X and S bands), and does not require the solid state radar to change its transmission mode. The new Phalcon-NT RACON “learns” its environment and responds accordingly saving energy. 

The Phalcon-EX-SS Zone 1 Stainless Steel Racon is an important all-weather aids to navigation product that provides radar range and bearing information to ships for safe and efficient navigation, 24 hours a day. The Racon is energy efficient, compact, lightweight, and is designed for superior performance on offshore structures, FPSOs, and CALM and SPM buoys.

The PHALCON-NT, thanks to their solid state transceivers, uses power, frequency, swept frequency, pulse width and antenna rotation rate detection (quintuple-token SLS).


  • No pressurisation needed
  • Extremely effective and reliable
  • Frequency agile
  • Side-lobe suppression (SLS)
  • Automatic self-test feature
  • Stainless Steel 316L base
  • IALA and IMO compliant
  • Proportional scaling
  • Blanking
  • 26 Morse code character settings
  • External RS232 or RS485 port for programming
  • X and S band


ATEX Certification Number:

IECEx Certifications Number:
IECEx ITS16.0046X

Coding: Ex II 2 G Ex db eb mb [ibGb] IIB T5 Tamb -40ºC to +55ºC Gb
Ingress Protection: IP-66

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