NOMAN 300 - NCCP AtoN Monitor

NOMAN 300 - NCCP AtoN Monitor

Ideal for: offshore platforms, offshore wind farms, bridges

The NOMAN 300 (Normal Operations Monitor Aids to Navigation) is designed to monitor an aids to navigation (AtoN) system and provide a contact closure for an out-of-tolerance condition.


  • Customizable monitoring system for multi light platforms
  • Battery monitor for checking the light system and sound signal system batteries
  • Additional sensing circuits to check the DC current of the sound signal system for normal current drain
  • Form “A” contacts for common alarm standards; other alarm contacts optional
  • The navigation light monitoring sections of the NOMAN consists of a PLC that monitors the status contact of either LED flashers or incandescent lampchangers
  • The light monitor circuit is a microprocessor-based system which checks each lantern’s status contact for low voltage or low impedance when the lantern timer is on or for high voltage when the timer is in eclipse
  • DC current for sound signal is routed through the monitor circuit and checked for proper current level by a hall effect sensor

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