FLOB-249 LED Flashing L-810 Aviation Light

FLOB-249 LED Flashing L-810 Aviation Light

Visibility: 32.5 Candela (Peak) per FAA Standards
Ideal for: marking tall structures that pose a hazard to aviation

The FLOB-249 LED Flashing Aviation Light is a low intensity, omnidirectional red/yellow obstruction light that complies with the requirements ICAO Annex 14 6.3.12 for mobile objects. The lantern is an adaptation of the OB-249 LED which complies to FAA L-810.


  • Suitable for use in safe areas and Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations.
  • Very high flux LEDs mounted on a STABRITE LED array system, driven by specially designed electronics
  • The 3X4 LED array approximates an incandescent point light source which couples to the lens with a high degree of efficiency
  • Proven lantern design with the flexibility to use the same housing and lens system for both LED and lamp changer systems, and ability to retrofit LEDs into existing installations
  • At the regulated intensity, the LED has a rated life on the order of 100,000 hours
  • Light operates at 40 flashes per minute
  • Ability to accommodate an external photocell, solar array cable and battery cable
  • Bird spike on top of optic
  • Hinged at midpoint for re-lamping


FM Approved

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