FA-250EX 962 - Zone 1 Flameproof LED Marine Lantern

FA-250EX 962 - Zone 1 Flameproof LED Marine Lantern

Range: 3-15NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: offshore oil & gas drilling and production platforms; terminals, refineries.

The FA-250EX-962 Flameproof marine lantern is a Zone 1 rated, long range marine signalling lantern featuring the latest in LED technology. Compliant with IALA and DECC recommendations, it consists of an array of high flux LEDs mounted inside a certified flameproof transparent enclosure.

The lantern has no plastic parts or active electrical or electronic control devices and is designed for long service life in harsh marine environments with low maintenance requirements.


  • Designed to be placed in remote locations, the lantern incorporates long life LEDs to minimize scheduled maintenance
  • High impact tempered glass and cast marine alloy construction
  • High efficiency passive cooling system gives the LED array superior operating life; LEDs are mounted on metal core PCBs with integrated liquid-filled heat pipes to cool the LED arrays without a cooling fan
  • Optional local and/or remote control panels


  • FA‐250EX962‐3 mile: 5 Watt LED Array providing Flashing Morse U 3‐mile Red Light. Average Power 1.0 watts
  • FA‐250EX962‐10 mile: 25 Watt LED Array providing Flashing 10‐mile Morse U White Light. Average Power 4.2 watts
  • FA‐250EX962‐15 mile: 300 Watt LED Array providing Flashing 15‐mile Morse U White Light. Average power 50W
  • FA‐250EX962‐L‐864: 45 Watt LED Array that complies with ICAO Type B or Type C, Flashing or Fixed Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light


EC-Type Examination Certificate

Certificate No.: Intertek ITS10ATEX17118X
Coding: II 2 G Ex d IIB T4/5/6

Certificate No.: IECEx ITS 10.0040X
Coding: Ex d IIB T4/5/6 Tamb -20°C/-40°C to +40°C/+55°C Gb
(Dependent on Model)

Certificate No.: NCC 17.0083 X (INMETRO – Brazilian Market)
Coding: Ex d IIB T6…T4 Gb

Epsilon IP Certificate Number: 04TEST1386

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