FA-250EX - Zone 1 Flameproof Marine Lantern

FA-250EX - Zone 1 Flameproof Marine Lantern


  • Variety of non‐hazardous certified internals can be used due to the nature of the flameproof, IP‐67 enclosure approval
  • M20 or M25 quad cable entries remove the need for additional junction boxes
  • Lens cover and the cast‐aluminum base are the most durable and longest life system in use
  • Smooth acrylic lens cover, the FA‐250EX lantern eliminates the buildup of fillets of moisture, dust, salt spray, raindrops and other contaminants on the internal Fresnel lens prisms
  • When fitted with an APCL‐Series FLASHCHANGER®, the FA‐250EX lantern becomes the most versatile product on the market
  • Configured as a 10‐mile, Morse U light, the lantern will accept an input voltage of 12, 18, 24 volts and, with an internally mounted DC‐DC converter, 130VDC and operate a 12 volt, 2000 hour 35 watt tungsten halogen lamp
  • Low maximum surface temperature of the fixture during operation; the 10‐mile lantern has a maximum of 100°C (T5) at Tamb of 40°C where competing units are 200°C (T3)


  • FA‐250EX932: APCL‐10 Six‐place FLASHCHANGER® up to 150 watts
  • FA‐250EX952: APCL‐5 Six‐place FLASHCHANGER® up to 60 watts


EC-Type Examination Certificate

Certificate No.: Intertek ITS10ATEX17118X
Coding: II 2 G Ex d IIB T4/5/6

Certificate No.: IECEx ITS 10.0040X
Coding: Ex d IIB T4/5/6 Tamb -20°C/-40°C to +40°C/+55°C Gb
(Dependent on Model)

Certificate No.: NCC 17.0083 X (INMETRO – Brazilian Market)
Coding: Ex d IIB T6…T4 Gb

Epsilon IP Certificate Number: 04TEST1386

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