PMEM Small Elastomer Mooring Buoy

PMEM Small Elastomer Mooring Buoy

PMAPI’s small yacht mooring buoy is available with soft assemblies. They are recommended for fore and aft mooring systems as well as single buoy mooring systems.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from durable and long lasting materials
  • Virtually non-marking skin
  • Wear and abrasion resistant outer skin prolongs the service life of the buoy
  • Virtually unsinkable, therefore maximizing service reliability
  • High impact absorption limits damage to the buoy or moored vessel
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy handling for simple and safe operation


  • Thermolaminated resilient polyethylene foam core
  • Self-colour spray applied polyurethane elastomer skin
  • Available with or without a shackle recess
  • Slot or hole option
  • Galvanized steel wear protection plate
  • Standard chain size: 19mm
  • Available in orange or yellow colours as standard

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