PMMB Range - 1.8m to 3.6m Mooring Buoys

PMMB Range - 1.8m to 3.6m Mooring Buoys

Full range of custom-made mooring solutions to match all operational needs.

Key Features

  • Rotationally-moulded MDPE floats
  • 1.8. 2.4, 3.0 and 3.6m diameter
  • UV stabilized virgin Polyethylene filled with Polyurethane foam
  • Steel structure made of hot dip galvanised, naval grade steel painted or 316 stainless Steel
  • Different mooring links available: D-Link, S-Shackle or T-Static
  • Mooring lines and anchors
  • From 10 to 80ton mooring capacity (SWL)
  • Available in yellow, grey, white, red, green, black

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