PMDB Range - Met/Ocean Data-Buoys

PMDB Range - Met/Ocean Data-Buoys

The PMDB (Pharos Marine Data Buoy) range of buoys covers the 1.8, to 3.6m diameter and are designed for open water applications where instrumentation is required to be deployed near the surface and can be used as a permanent or temporary platform. The system is modular and can be supplied with integral solar power supply, self contained solar powered navigation light, St Andrews cross top mark, choice of telemetry system, message stencilling.

Key Features

  • Rotationally-moulded MDPE floats
  • GSM, Radio or Satellite telemetry
  • Waterproof Solar Power Systems
  • Meteorological parameters: wind speed & direction, solar radiation, barometric pressure & temperature, and more
  • Water current profiler (ADCP), measuring current speed and direction at multiple depths simultaneously
  • Water quality sensors including conductivity (salinity), chlorophyll, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more

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