Commercial Mooring Buoys - Chain Through & Pad Eye


Chain Through Pad Eye

PMAPI’s cylindrical, barrel and modular mooring buoys are available as standard for large vessel applications. PMAPI have supplied mooring buoys to organisations such as the RNLI and The Ministry of Defense. A range of custom steelwork fittings can be provided. Applications for commercial mooring buoys are offshore and remote mooring, temporary mooring of vessels in a port, dock or harbour, additional mooring for large vessels on berthing/mooring dolphins and longer term mooring for infrequently used vessels.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from durable and long lasting materials
  • Virtually non-marking skin
  • Wear and abrasion resistant outer skin prolongs the service life of the buoy
  • Virtually unsinkable, therefore maximizing service reliability
  • High impact absorption limits damage to buoy or the moored vessel
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional LED lanterns and internal radar reflectors enhance visibility of buoy to nearby vessels therefore increasing vessel safety


  • Closed cell polyethylene foam core in a range of densities
  • Reinforced high performance polyurethane elastomer skin
  • Mooring buoys available with chain through, pad eye or handling crucifix configuration, non-slip decks, self-contained LED lanterns & internal radar reflectors

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