NS Series LED Bridge Navigation Light

NS Series LED Bridge Navigation Light

Range: 4NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: channel center, channel margin, channel main

The NS Series Bridge Navigation Light is the new standard in LED bridge lights for marking channels, obstructions and safe passage of bridges over navigable waters throughout the USA. Available in Green, Red, and White.

  • LEDs on a protected metal core PCB for maximum useful life
  • Flexible electronic configurations
  • Use as Green Channel Center, 180° Red Channel Margin, and White Channel Main lights


  • AC/DC input: 120-240 VAC or 12-24 VDC input options
  • Sectored lens: 180° form fitting sectored lens (optional)
  • Zero condensation: designed specifically for inversion with strategically placed vent
  • Rugged, weather-resistant construction materials: High impact resistant polycarbonate for ice, ultraviolet exposure, salt air and seawater spray at a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • High intensity, energy efficient fan beam LED array: Maximum visible range up to 4NM at 0.74T
  • IR Remote: Powering on & off, set / retrieve configuration parameters such as flash pattern, effective intensity, day/night control, etc.
  • USCG approved colors: Single color LED engine - Red, Green or White
  • Longevity - Estimated average service life of 10 years

Performance Features:

  • Intensity control: Effective lantern intensity set on Schmidt-Clausen method
  • Flash character control: 256 programmable flash characters and 2 custom flash characters
  • Day/Night transition level settings: Programmable for active at all times or only after sunset. Day / Night level settings (sunset / sunrise transition) can be field programmed
  • Calendar control - Programmable season on/off date
  • Input protection - Lantern power input is reversed polarity protected for field repair
  • Storage mode - Automatic storage mode with adjustable automatic wake up
  • Programmable sleep and test modes
  • Dynamic compensation circuitry for the candella low output, based on internal temperature, LED flash duration and LED color, to always keep the same programmed output intensity

Optional Features:

  • External I/O port: Allows connection to an external monitoring device or for hardwired synchronisation to other lanterns
  • Sectored lens: 180° form fitting sectored lens (shown below)

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