FA-143 LED Bridge Light

FA-143 LED Bridge Light

Range: 5+ NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: marking safe passage, channels and obstructions of bridges over navigable waters.

The FA-143 LED bridge light is a rugged signal lantern with technically advanced LEDs that provide an extremely durable and reliable bridge navigation light with minimal maintenance and a very long service life estimated at approximately 20 years in the most severe environmental conditions where synthetic materials fail.


  • High output, low power LEDs arranged in a redundant, symmetric array around the lens focal point
  • No routine maintenance is required and power consumption is less than 7 watts
  • Stainless steel hardware and lens-protection rods (angled to minimize shadows in the optical plane)
  • A stud base which matches a 2” pipe coupling flange (Usually these are mounted on galvanized steel swivel suspensions (our FA-230) from the bridge deck or on pedestals on the bridge fenders)
  • Control electronics and a 120 VAC power supply located inside the lantern below the array
  • Lantern hinge at the middle to facilitate access to the LED array, control electronics and power supply
  • Lightning and surge-suppression circuitry that automatically resets after an incident
  • Light intensity exceeding 45 candelas in both red and green (This exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements in virtually all locations)
  • Optional internal shock and external vibration isolators for railroad and other high vibration bridges
  • Optional 12-volt DC power supply (for solar or battery operation) and individual photocell-controlled sun switches
  • Optional clear Lexan exterior shield and padlock to help reduce vandalism

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