PMAPI boasts a wide range of robust, versatile Aids to Marine Navigation products for demanding environments.

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Polyethylene, Elastomer, Steel and Fiberglass buoys for freshwater and saltwater applications.

Marine Lanterns

Wide array of robust marine lanterns designed for use in the harshest marine environments.

Fog Signaling & Detection

IALA & USCG Approved Fog Signals & Fog Detectors

Nav Aid Skid Systems

Marine navigational aid skid systems rated for use in Zone 1 and Class 1 Div 2 hazardous areas.

Electronic Aids

Full suite of AIS and eNavigation hardware and software for use in hazardous offshore environments or any navigable waterway.

Bridge Lights

U.S. Coast Guard approved lighting solutions for marking safe passage, channels and obstructions of bridges over navigable waters.

Range Lights

Incandescent and LED range lights for use in port entry and vessel docking applications.

Lighthouse Beacons

Rotating beacons and long range LED lanterns for use in Lighthouses and long range applications.

Helideck Aviation Lighting

Zone 1 & 2 and Class 1 Div 2 Helideck Lighting System solutions for offshore marine environments.

Aviation Obstruction Lighting

ICAO Group A & B and FAA Compliant Aviation Obstruction Lights for offshore marine environments.

Power Solutions

Wide range of components and customisable systems.

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Our systems are produced to stringent internationally recognized standards.Tough in-house guidelines ensure consistently dependable quality.

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